Perfect for children learning to read music. The one-minute drills are great for my daughter and the layout is simple and just the right amount of challenging that she enjoys completing them. Her piano teacher has already noticed an improvement – something we weren’t getting out of flashcards.

– John | Arcadia, CA

I bought this for a younger cousin (8 years old) that wanted to learn to play guitar. His mom wouldn’t let him play an instrument without learning the note names first, so I went to Amazon and found this book that focuses solely on music note recognition. He loved the bright colors and the fact that the exercises were timed (probably that they were only 1 minute as well) and is working through it pretty quickly. His mom told me his guitar teacher loved the workbook and is now making it a requirement for all his beginning students. My cousin’s younger sister (7) has also started using the book for piano. Highly recommend for anyone learning a musical instrument.

– Zach M | Amazon Purchaser


Notebusters is a note-reading drill workbook on steroids. The cover page is bright and fun and the inside layout is very clean and organized. By the time a student is done with Notebusters they will have BUSTED their note reading problem away.

– Foxx Piano Studio Resources


I already know how to read music, but I am not good at sight-reading-it can take me quite a while to figure out a piece of music! I’ve been trying to improve this, and recently discovered the perfect tool. It’s called Notebusters, and while the concept is simple, it’s also so ingenious that I’m wondering why I’ve never heard of it before!

– Hope’s Cafe

Lots of teaching materials have been developed since I started teaching 10 years ago, and I feel like I have a pretty good line-up of lesson books and theory books to help students learn when they come each week. One concept that is necessary when playing the piano but can be difficult to teach is that of sight-reading — Notebusters has been a great resource for my students!

– Dandy Giveaway


Notebusters has been a hit with my 7 year-old daughter – not only is her sight-reading ability improving, but I don’t have to force her to do the exercises. She’s always exited to use the workbook and it’s simple enough that she can figure it out on her own.

– Amada | Los Angeles, CA


Wow! I love the idea of quick exercises to improve comprehension of music notes! This is a great tool to learn, practice and review notes. It’s easy to employ kids to do these quick exercises on a regular basis, and is the perfect way to see improvement in accuracy and speed. A must-have for any beginning musician.

– Kate | Amazon User

Notebusters is an easy and quick way to fire up the brain before you start learning new sheet music.

– Paulette | The Music Castle

Perfect for teaching music to my kids. In just a few pages, they were note reading like pros. I can’t wait to see how they do when they make it through the whole book. I like that I can use it as an education tool or as self study, since the answer key is included in the book. I also like the way it is broken down by difficulty level.

–  Amazon User

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