how will notebusters improve my sight-reading skills?

Notebusters improves sight-reading through timed exercises and repetition. Notebusters consists of notes that frequently occur in musical pieces but without patterns. Teaching students to quickly identify random notes along the staff increases their ability to sight-read. Every five exercises, students are challenged to play the notes from that day’s exercise on their instrument of choice – this increases muscle memory and further improves sight-reading skills.

who can benefit from notebusters? is it tailored for a specific age-group?

Notebusters is intended for beginning to intermediate music students, but musicians that need to freshen up on their note/sight-reading skills can also benefit. Notebusters ’ exercises are fun, simple, and quick, so kids of all ages (and attention spans) can benefit.

i already have a music theory book that I really like. can I still benefit from notebusters?

Yes! Notebusters is a supplemental tool that pairs well with music theory books and other materials designed to help students learn to play music. Most music theory books only expose students to a few note identification exercises before moving on to more difficult concepts. Without fully grasping the basics, students can become frustrated and plateau. Supplementing a standard music theory book with Notebusters is a great way to improve fundamentals through systemic practice.

why is notebusters better than flashcards?

Notebusters is designed to keep students engaged and interested, and allows students (and their teachers) to monitor progress with an easy to track scoring system. Notebusters is broken into 6 sections, designed to increase in difficulty as the student develops, and exposes them to the optimal number and range of notes during their progression. Notebusters ‘ exercises are printed like standard sheet music, and can be easily placed on a piano or music stand so students can practice on their instrument of choice.

i’m a music teacher and want to buy copies for all of my students but don’t have the budget – what can you do for me?

Created by a music teacher for music teachers, we strive to serve our own kind. We offer discounts to teachers looking to supplement their lesson plans with Notebusters . Click here to request a discount code or contact us at with other questions.

i own a bookstore (or an online distribution site) – how do I get copies of notebusters to sell?

Notebusters is available through most major distributors (Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.); however, we offer deeper discounts than most distributors at quantities starting as low as 5 workbooks. Contact us at for pricing information.

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