what notes are covered in the workbook?

Notebusters covers over 30 notes most commonly played by beginning to intermediate music students for any of the following instruments: piano, guitar, violin, flute, bass, and the trumpet. Notebusters contains 240 one-minute exercises designed to increase note-reading skills and maximize retention.

notes covered in one minute music drills

how is the workbook organized?

Exercises are broken into six sections that cover an increasing range of notes as the student progresses. The first three sections cover notes that appear on the treble, bass, and grand staves. The final three sections cover notes both on and off the staff (ledger line notes). Each one-minute exercise contains 20-24 notes for the student to identify and is printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (similar to the size of sheet music). each section contains instructions, and an easy-to-use answer key.

Prior to diving into exercises, Notebusters contains the most common note reading methods to aid beginners in their quest to master music.

sample exercises from each section:
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