NOTEBUSTERS is a music workbook designed to increase sight-reading skills. NOTEBUSTERS is intended for beginning to intermediate music students looking for a quick and practical way to increase the speed at which they read and play music notes.

Improve note-reading skills with NOTEBUSTERS music workbook

NOTEBUSTERS was created by an experienced music teacher and musician who was frustrated with the lack of note-reading exercises in typical music theory books. By supplementing lesson plans with NOTEBUSTERS, students can build a solid foundation that will allow them to quickly progress and begin accessing music on their own.

NOTEBUSTERS’ exercises are fun, simple, and quick, so students of all ages (and attention spans) can benefit. Checkout sample exercises, or learn more about the workbook, its authors, and its intended use. Still have questions? Read our FAQ for more information.

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Top Clef Publishing - publisher of the sight-reading workbook NOTEBUSTERS

Improves sight-reading skills through timed exercises and repetition. 240 1-minute exercises covering over 30 notes on both staves. Easy to track scoring system encourages self-improvement.

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