who we are

NOTEBUSTERS is published by Top Clef Publishing, a California-based company that specializes in music education for beginning to intermediate students.


A music workbook designed to increase note-reading skills
 Created by an experienced music teacher and musician who was frustrated with the lack of note-reading exercises in typical music theory books
Designed to supplement standard lesson plans in order to help students build a solid foundation that will allow them to quickly progress and begin accessing music on their own

how does NOTEBUSTERS work

Improve note-reading skills with NOTEBUSTERS music workbook

what we’re offering

Created by a music teacher for music teachers, we strive to serve our own kind. We offer wholesale pricing to MTA members looking to supplement their lesson plan with systematic practice.

Members that belong to participating Music Teachers Associations can purchase NOTEBUSTERS at our wholesale rate (the same price paid by major retailers)
 For only $12 (versus $24.95 suggested retail) members will have the flexibility to either profit from reselling the workbook or pass along the savings to their students.

how to team up with us

Contact us at partnerships@notebusters.net for information on how to partner with us and receive a coupon code for your MTA. Download the PDF brochure for distribution to your chapter by clicking here.

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